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For Xbox, the Future Has Only Just Begun

Guilty Gear -Strive- : Season 3 Preview

Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores Expansion is Mechanical Perfection

Preview : Armored Core VI

Understanding the Psychology of Targeted Cancellations and Boycotts in Gaming

Diablo 4 is Everything I Hoped It Would Be (So Far)

Dear Live-Service Developers : Quit Devaluing Your Gameplay Loop

Heed the Warning : The Blockchain Games are Coming

The Definitive Ranking of Destiny Content

Monster Hunter Rise : Brings Tears to My Eyes

What Does the Future Hold for 343 Industries and Halo?

Dreams of a $1,000 Console

Seasoned Gaming’s Favorite Games of 2022

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Who Are Gamers in 2022?

Impressions : The Last Oricru

PAX AUS 2022 In-Review

Microsoft’s ABK Acquisition is Sony’s Iceberg Embarrassment

An Interview with Killstreak

Opinion: Asymmetrical Games Are All the Rage, But They Need to Change

Preview: PAX AUS 2022

Halo Infinite’s Roadmap Details an Exciting Future

An Interview with Skull and Bones Creative Director Elisabeth Pellen

Preview : Dwerve

Gaming for Good

Preview : Superfuse

Halo Infinite Season 2 : Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Preview : Phantom Brigade

An Interview with Godfall Director Daniel Nordlander

Preview : Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

PAX East Round-Up

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Preview : Uragun

Breaking Down AMD RDNA2 Architecture in the Xbox Series X and PS5

Part 1

Part 2

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Expansion Potentially Leaked

An Interview with Trek to Yomi Creator Leonard Menchiari

Opinion : Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Progression Woes and How to Fix Them

The Top Twenty Original Xbox Games

New World : A Mediocre Point of View

Opinion : The Cloud Gaming Future and My Experience with Xbox Streaming

Beginning a New Journey in EVE Online

Opinion : Games, Boycotts, and Activision-Blizzard

Halo Infinite : History, Nostalgia, and a Full Breakdown of the Technical Preview

Steam Deck and the 30 FPS Cloud

Life on the Seas for First-Time Pirates

The Joys of Minecraft with my Favorite Person

Xbox is Shaping the Future of the Console Ecosystem

How Gaming Companies Overvalue Large Influencers

Gaming with Anxiety

Gaming to Heal

Diablo Everywhere

The Art of Fighting Games

Dungeons, Dragons, and COVID

Opinion : The Last of Us 2 is the Most Controversial Game of the Year

Impressions : Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion

Reflections on Running a Gaming Site in the Social Media Age

Opinion : Sony’s Digital Frontier Needs Updating

Opinion : How to Rebuild The Avengers

Xbox Series X and PS5 : A Deeper Look at the Tech that Powers the Next-Gen Consoles

How to Win Friends and Influence Gamers

Dr. Hades and How I Learned to Love the Roguelike

Let’s Address the Issue of Crunch

Analyzing PlayStation and Xbox’s Contrasting Approaches to Next-Generation

Addressing the Toxicity Towards Women in Gaming

Games as a Disservice

Nvidia GeForcing the Market

What Xbox’s Acquisition of Bethesda Means Both Now and in the Future

The Business of Video Games

Opinion : Let’s Talk Video Game Spoilers

Inside An Electronic Arts Retailer Ahead Of Earnings Figures

The Gamer’s Guide to Anti-Consumerism


What Makes a Video Game Memorable?


How Xbox and PlayStation are Approaching Next-Gen Differently with the Series X and PS5


Perfection and the Pedestal : How Perfect Games Exist More Often Than We Think


The $10 Conundrum: Why Price Hikes Mean More Than an Up Front Increase


Why Do We Play Video Games?


From Bloodborne to Jedi Fallen Order : Examining the Debate on Game Difficulty

E3 entry

Is E3 Gone Forever?

SotW Event

Why Destiny’s Weekend Event Means More Than We Think


Why Our Society Needs Video Games

Best New IPs Thumb

The Best New IPs of the Generation


Destiny Has an Identity Crisis


The Importance of Music in Video Games


This Modern Love : The Relationship Between Developers and Fans

Grind Header

The Psychology of Grinding in Games

Logo Official

Heading into the Next-Generation with Sony and the PlayStation 5

Xbox Next Gen

Xbox Entering Next-Generation in a Position of Strength


Opinion : Borderlands 3 is One of the Most Underrated Games of 2019

Wonderful 101

Fans are Displeased with Platinum Games and The Wonderful 101 Remastered’s Kickstarter


Breaking Down the PlayStation 5 Specs


Xbox Reveals More Details on the Xbox Series X

Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 : Everything We Know about Larian Studio’s Upcoming D&D RPG


The Most Underappreciated Titles of the Generation


A Brief History of the Console and the Future of Gaming


Red Dead Online : How is Rockstar’s Online Western RPG Developing?


With the PS5 Approaching, it’s Time for Bloodborne 2


Xbox Game Studios Beginning to Flex its Strength in 2020

bl3 vhs

Borderlands 3 is the Result of Gearbox Understanding its Fanbase


The Evolution of Sea of Thieves through the Eyes of a Pirate Legend


Opinion : It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses for Nintendo


Project xCloud is the Real Deal


The State of Xbox


Making Sense of Xbox as a Service on Other Devices


The Good in Gaming


We Happy Few : Diamond in the Rough


Examining the Classics : Bioshock


The Staggering Beauty and Scope of Red Dead Redemption 2


Reflecting on 15 Years of Xbox Live


Examining the Classics : The Last of Us