The Bitcast is your weekly gaming show covering all things Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC with industry, technical, and legal insight. We pride ourselves on professionalism and aim to provide a more in-depth conversation than most gaming shows.

Host : Ainsley Bowden is the Editor-in-Chief of Seasoned Gaming

Panel Member : Travis Northup is a writer for IGN and Co-Host of The Last Word

Panel Member : Dan Rodriguez is a Senior Contributor for Seasoned Gaming

Panel Member : Rick Hoeg is the creator of Virtual Legality and Hangouts and Headlines

Combined, they bring over a century of gaming experience, and a vast array of industry, technical, and legal knowledge.

We also encourage the community to join us live on YouTube every Sunday at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm BST to be involved in the conversation!

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Bitcast 275 : The Great Remake Debate : December 3rd


  • I really enjoy the intelligent mature discussion concerning games, consoles, and whatever else comes to mind (Star Wars, etc). As a lifelong mature (52 yo) gamer and a surgeon, I truly appreciate the thoughtful discourse without all the fanboy flare. Life is far too short to argue over which plastic box is better, but time better spent enjoying the hobby we love no matter where you play. Keep up the great work.

    • We truly appreciate this comment Ed. The site was created for exactly that and our long-term goal with the Bitcast was to be representative of the same values. Comments like this really inspire/fuel us so thank you!

  • Why can you only play Stroke Play with your friends within the game. Where’s Skins and Match play. Battle Gil too.

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