Beginning a New Journey in EVE Online

There once was a ship…

Hello there, friends. For those of you that don’t know, I am Captain_Aegis, also known as Cap, also known as “That one guy that sometime streams but mostly just trolls Twitter.” I have been given the distinct pleasure of being able to write my first piece for Seasoned Gaming about some of my video game experiences. Originally, this was going to cover Final Fantasy XIV, a game that I have sank hundreds of hours into and have been playing since it’s relaunch.

But I love space.

I have decided to (finally) pick back up EVE online and document my comings and goings. I played a long time ago with some friends, but had no idea what I was doing. I originally thought to revive that account, but after seeing all of the changes, I thought maybe it would be way cooler to start fresh.

Thus, Cpt Aegis of the Gallante Federation was born!

Dashing fellow, isn’t he?

I started with the new introduction which leads you through your cloning facility at AIR (responsible for the whole cloning storyline from what I gathered) being destroyed and you having to escape. I won’t spoil the whole thing, but it is a pretty cool intro to get used to the controls, especially since EVE can be a very…UI intensive game. All in all, the new start also showcases the graphics overhaul the game has gotten over the years. The star system you are in is visually spectacular and worth taking a moment to look around.

After you complete the tutorial, you are sent off into a start system where you begin to get a taste of the various activities available to you around New Eden. My plan is to start with exploration and industry as I have read a little bit about planetary industry and plan on digging more into that. Of course, I also like blowing things up, so that will be a part of it.

For those of you that may not be familiar with EVE, it is an MMO set in the far off galaxy of New Eden, and a full sandbox experience. You can fly a huge assortment of ships, do all sorts of activities from combat, to mining, to building giant starships and bases in far-off systems. A lot of the game’s draw is its social aspects as well. The drama between corporations (the games guild systems) can be some of the most intense in the gaming industry.

The game is free-to-play with an optional subscription, though if you really get into it you will want to pay for the subscription. The cool thing is you can actually buy the currency (called plex) with in-game currency, so you can purchase your subscription that way. It also has an optional cash shop for ship cosmetics, and a couple of items to speed up your character training.

If you are interested in trying EVE Online, I think it’s a great time to do so with the updated New Player Experience. If you have played before, you can still roll a new character and dive back in. It’s literally a sandbox…your sandbox. Come make castles, or kick them down. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some poor Gallante starting pilot just started his life in the galaxy, and you’ll show mercy (or pod immediately…you know, whatever floats your boat).

Anyway, this captain’s log is over. See you in the skies, friends!

By Captain Aegis


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