With the PS5 Approaching, it’s Time for Bloodborne 2

Over the course of the last decade, From Software has grown into a premier development studio. The success of the Dark Souls series speaks for itself and has influenced many games throughout the industry, both big and small. From’s most recent release, Sekiro, was another critically acclaimed title that won numerous awards including Game of the Year at The Game Awards. Yet despite the success of Dark Souls 3 (2016) and Sekiro, it is Bloodborne that is most revered among many fans of From Software’s titles.

Welcome to Yharnam hunter

Bloodborne, released by From Software for the PS4 in March of 2015, is considered by many to be a modern classic. It took the formula made famous by Dark Souls (despite Demon Souls obviously arriving first), evolved the combat into a much more aggressive style, and set it among a stunning, Lovecraftian backdrop. Nearly everything about Bloodborne drips with the passion of a very talented development team. The level design is arguably the best in any From game with many of the areas being unforgettable. The variety and detail in the enemy design, from small enemies to the absolutely epic bosses, is staggering. And as you would expect, Bloodborne has a wealth of secrets and lore to uncover.

While Demon and Dark Souls dabbled in horroresque elements, perhaps what was most surprising in Bloodborne was that the macabre felt like such a natural fit for the gameplay. The story of hunters venturing into the night to battle the beasts many had become, outside of the inherent philosophical elements, fit right in with the often insurmountable odds presented in From titles. In particular the boss battles, while always memorable in From titles, were taken to an entirely new level in Bloodborne.

Boss battles in Bloodborne are extraordinary

While highlighting the brilliance of Bloodborne, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the title’s artistic direction. From first entering Yharnam, to taking a carriage to Cainhurst Castle, and exploring Byrgenwerth, nearly every area you visit is beautiful but haunting, indelible yet chilling. From titles always have an almost unexplainable eeriness to their world(s). But as with the other aspects I’ve commented on, Bloodborne managed to up the ante even further. Exploring Yharnam delivered an almost surreal experience to the player; as if you could feel the horrors that had occurred there prior. It’s a challenging aspect to explain, yet understood and shared among the Bloodborne faithful.

Exploring Yharnam is an incredible experience

Since its release, Bloodborne has sold in the vein of 3-4 million copies (it’s also worth noting that it was a PS Plus title in early 2018). While nowhere near the success seen by other major PS4 exclusives such as Spider-Man or God of War, it’s still notable and likely highly profitable for both From Software and Sony (who owns the IP). Yet sadly, despite being successful and beloved by both fans and critics alike, it has remain untouched since its release. It never received a PS4 Pro update nor is it often discussed by the likes of Sony nor From. From Software President Hideo Miyazaki, who has also directed From’s most acclaimed titles, only said the following: “I’m not in a position to talk about a possible release of ‘Bloodborne 2”. This is likely due to Sony owning the IP and him being contractually withheld from discussing another title.

Hauntingly gorgeous

From’s next release is Elden Ring. Outside of being a collaboration with George R.R. Martin, little has been shared of the title since its cinematic debut at Xbox’s 2019 E3 press conference. However, it is expected to release in the middle of 2020 which would be similar to the debut and release schedule we saw with Sekiro. In theory then, the timing could align well for From to move to development of Bloodborne 2 for something like a 2022 release on the PS5. This would also give them ample time to learn the PlayStation 5’s advanced hardware capabilities.

In an age of sequels, remasters, and remakes we often all share a call for new, original IPs. In that vein, I realize this article is counter to our request. And of course, simple economics dictate that multi-platform titles such as Sekiro and Elden Ring will be more financially feasible than a platform exclusive. But in the case of Bloodborne, I believe the request is justified. With From Software having continued to hone its craft, Bloodborne having such an impact on the current generation, and the incoming advancements in technology of the PlayStation 5, it seems like an absolute no-brainer that Bloodborne 2 could be a major title for Sony on its new console. Please Sony, let us once again fear the old blood.


By Ainsley Bowden (Porshapwr)

Founder of SeasonedGaming.com, avid game collector and enthusiast since the Atari 2600 era. You can find me online or on Twitter as Porshapwr as well. Thanks for checking out Seasoned Gaming!

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