PAX East : Day One

After a two-year hiatus, the time has come for game developers and fans to descend upon the Boston Convention Center yet again as PAX East has returned in full swing. With day one behind me and day two upon me, I wanted to quickly reflect on some of the titles that I have been able to get my hands on, while offering some deeper insight onto some of the more impactful games I have played.

URAGUN – Kool2Play

I started my day off with URAGUN, a title that I previewed before. This twin-stick shooter changes the formula a bit but keeps it incredibly fun and unique. The developers (Kool2Play) gave me some extra toys to play around with, enhancing my overall experience of the game. They showed me more biomes, additional weapons, and a flying ground pound ability that I absolutely adore! Currently in Steam Early Access and recently updated, URAGUN is a title you don’t want to miss!


Dolmen – Massive Work Studio / Prime Matter

Developer Massive Work Studio and publisher Prime Matter bring forth a new action RPG that combines science fiction and cosmic horror. You are thrown into the hostile world of Revion Prime with the task of retrieving a rare crystal-like material called Dolmen. With a full release date scheduled for May 20th, 2022, I was able to check out some of the neat features behind this game.

With my half-hour of time, I was able to experience a chunk of the mid-game area located on a desolate lab taken over by malnourished ghouls and one giant, gross-looking monstrosity of a boss. I had three builds to choose from and played around with two of them. The dual-sword, light armor class and the heavy chain-sword and shield classes felt unique and different. Dolmen is reminiscent of action RPGs filled with loot specializations, deep customization, and bloodthirsty monsters.

Phantom Brigade – Brace Yourself Games

This tactical robot game is the most unique experience I have had at PAX East so far. As a fan of mechs and tactical gameplay, Phantom Brigade uses a mechanic I have never experienced in a tactical game yet.

While other strategy games focus on an execution of players taking turns, Phantom Brigade makes the action occur simultaneously. Phantom Brigade uses a tracking system and allows you to see your enemies’ movements and plans, your job is to counter these plans by making choices that will keep your party alive while dispatching the enemy or completing the objective.

There are a ton of mechanical concepts to the game, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get used to how to lay out your battle plans, the game really takes off. It is difficult, challenging, but incredibly deep and rewarding. Watching my mech shield-slam an enemy while dodging tank fire in slow motion made my jaw drop. I have a lot more to say about this game, so keep a look out. Phantom Brigade is in Early Access on the Epic Game Store.

Gori: Cuddly Carnage – Angry Demon Studio / Wired Productions

Do you like cats and hate unicorns? Boy, do I have a game for you! Gori is a hoverboarding action game where you play as Gori, the anthropomorphic cat aided by his depressed spaceship and fowl-mouthed hoverboard. Together, you will traverse the planet, killing rabid unicorns using blades that extend from the hoverboard.

You’ll zip through levels, grind on rainbow rails, and behead an onslaught of various unicorns. As you go through the levels, you’ll gain more weapons and even customize your Gori, allowing you to change his fur, outfits, hoverboard skin, and more! This gory (I see what they did there) game will be releasing on Steam when the rabid unicorns allow them to publish it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Tribute Games Inc.

If they made this game fully available, I’d never leave the media room. This modernized blast from the past is one that fans absolutely cannot miss! I played through two levels as Donatello (my favorite), and I had an absolute blast! The controls were tight, the action was perfect, and every brawler concept that was established in the 90’s is somehow recreated perfectly. Knocking enemies into the side of the screen will bounce them back, Pizza boxes will revitalize you, and the Foot Clan soldiers are numerous and well varied. There are plenty of surprises and additions, including special moves, wind-up attacks, and more!

While the date for this game is still in question, I will say that you cannot rush perfection. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is slated for release this year and will have various editions. Keep your eyes on Seasoned Gaming for an additional preview for Shredder’s Revenge coming within the next few days.

So that is how PAX Day One panned out. Day two includes Dwerve, Spiderheck, The Last Oricru, and more!


By Steve Esposito

Steve Esposito is a dedicated content creator with a focus on his love for technology, video games, and the very industry that oversees it all. He also takes part in organizing the Long Island Retro and Tabletop Gaming Expo as well as a Dungeons and Dragons podcast: Copper Piece. You can find him on twitter @AgitatedStove

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