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About Us

We’ve been gaming for a very long time and became frustrated with the number of “gaming” sites that are solely focused on the number clicks they receive. Seasoned Gaming was founded to simply share our love for this art form with others who appreciate it as we do. As such:

  • Our content across all channels will never contain any ads, clickbait, nor paid promotions. Period.
  • We won’t republish official articles or videos under our accounts. Rather, we will inform you of the news and provide you the official links to support the developers directly (as they’re the ones who deserve it).

We love meeting new members of the gaming community so leave a comment on an article you enjoy here, find us on Twitter, or if you’d like to join a mature, moderated gaming discussion group, please check out ourĀ Facebook Group as well.

Lastly, if you enjoy video game related podcasts, please check out our Bitcasts and Conversations which you can findĀ here.

Thanks for stopping by.



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