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Ever notice how there are hundreds of “gaming” sites that thrive on clickbait, false info, and are overloaded with ads? So did I and as someone who grew up with gaming for decades, I took it as an insult. So in 2015 I founded Seasoned Gaming as a platform to provide honest gaming journalism with no ads nor paid promotions. Ever.

With that in mind, SG has a few tenets:

  • Our content across the main site and YouTube channel are not monetized with the only exception being our live podcast due to superchats. All content including the site, channel, and podcasts are created purely out of passion for the industry and funded through our own means.
  • We don’t report unfounded rumors nor create sensationalist headlines. There’s too much of it in the industry and we hate it as much as you do.
  • Every SG contributor owns and plays on all platforms.
  • All reviews are only completed and published after a game is finished or the product has been used extensively in our homes. You can find our game review policy here.

We later created the SG Bitcast, a podcast covering the latest news and topics across the gaming industry. Our Bitcast also has a stronger focus on technical knowledge and the business side of the industry thus providing insight other channels may not.

We love meeting new members of the gaming community so leave a comment on an article you enjoy here or interact with us on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ainsley Bowden (@Porshapwr)

Founder and President, Seasoned Gaming LLC


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