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A Little About Us

Seasoned Gaming is a site dedicated to lifelong gamers. From Collecovision and Atari, to the Arcade boom of the 80s and 90s, the PC revolution, and every home console through the present, we’ve played it all.

Our tenets are simple.

  • Our content will never contain any filler, ads, nor promotions. Period.
  • We aim to provide news from around the video game industry along with our own perspectives and discussion points on topics we feel have relevance.
  • The format will remain simple and quickly accessible on any device.
  • We won’t republish official articles or videos as “ours”. Rather, we will inform you of the news and provide you the official links to support the developers directly as they’re the ones who deserve it.

Individual contributors will publish articles as well to further compliment the site. Whether you enjoy the work of a particular contributor or all of the content, we hope you enjoy SG. We look forward to interacting with you so please leave a comment on an article you enjoy here, find us on Twitter, or if you’d like to join a mature, moderated gaming discussion group, please check out our Facebook Group as well.

Lastly, if you enjoy video game related podcasts, please check out our Bitcasts and Conversations which you can find here.

Thanks for stopping by.


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