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By combining the essence of comic books, the tone of The Boys, and the action of Diablo;  developers Stitch Heads Entertainment managed to create a game that feels incredibly familiar while remaining unique. Superfuse isn’t a love letter to the genre, instead it is a melody.  Superfuse is a full ensemble of instruments, made up from some of the best parts of past action RPGs, revealing the one thing people want: a catchy chorus and tons of power.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Raw Fury, I was able to sit down with Superfuse for a half-hour of action-packed, loot-filled, blood-soaked fun. During the demo period, only one class was available: the berserker. Voiced by the award-winning actor Eli Harris, I was equipped with comically large fist, brute force, and a tough-as-nails attitude that solidified the character. It wasn’t long before I started punching my way through the procedurally generated halls, destroying all the monstrosities that crossed my path.

Superfuse follows the basics when it comes to gameplay and itemization. I was finding useful loot that adjusted my basic stats just as tradition goes. While gear is important in Superfuse, what really makes the game stand out is the massive talent tree system that feels almost endless. When you level up you gain talent points that you use to invest in upgrades for your character’s abilities.

Since I was in the demo phase, the Raw Fury representative gave me an unlimited number of points, opening the floodgates to a system that has since spoiled me. There were moments where I would throw 20 points into a variety of talent trees, and was instructed to go crazy, throwing points at anything that seemed remotely interesting. I was mixing and matching different abilities, seeing how efficient they were at destroying everything.

There are also modifiers that can be plugged in to certain nodes to add another layer of customization. Every so often I would go back and forth between my talents and playing the game. I watched a simple punch turn into a wild flurry of attacks. At the height of my spending spree, one ability literally wiped the floor of every enemy on the screen in an instant flash, almost causing the computer to crash.

As I tossed what I believe to be almost 100 points into the talent trees, I was slaying everything I came across effortlessly. That was, until I approached the boss where I was quickly humbled. What I really enjoy about Superfuse here is how the game treats you like a god, giving you the freedom to create any type of character you want while still having limits. Then, just as you think you are overpowered, the boss comes along and slaps you back down a couple of notches.

There is so much to enjoy about Superfuse, and with unlimited potential it seems that Raw Fury has another hit on their hands. Cutscenes feel ripped right out of comic books, and conversations with NPCs will occur as picture-in-picture moments that aren’t too distracting. It all feels incredibly natural.

The passionate people at Stich Heads Entertainment came out swinging, claiming that we could see Superfuse launch on Steam Early Access by the end of this year. Plans for a console release have not been disclosed to me during my time of playing, but since we have plenty of time between now and full release, the best thing we can do is relax and hold out just a while longer. The wait will be absolutely worth it.

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By Steve Esposito

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