Starfield Steals the Show at the Xbox Showcase

By all accounts, Xbox had an excellent showcase today. They premiered several first-party titles we’ve been waiting to hear about and had a solid variety of genres and play styles, all delivered with a fantastic cadence.

While there are many incredible looking games to discuss, it was no doubt the deep-dive on Starfield that left us nearly speechless.

The sheer magnitude and scope of the game is incredible, and it’s now clear that Bethesda Game Studios is delivering on the vision they’ve spoken about for the past couple of years.

No matter what you’ve enjoyed about Bethesda RPGs in the past, Starfield seems to have something for you. From near endless exploration and sense of discovery, to widely varied approaches to combat, customization, building, and player-driven choice, it’s shaping up to the industry giant so many had hoped.

We’ll have a lot more on Starfield in the coming months but if you missed the deep-dive today, we highly recommend giving it a watch if you have even a passing interest in sci-fi RPGs!

By Seasoned Gaming

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