The Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 Revealed

One of the flagship titles for the PSVR, as well as other headsets, is getting a new chapter this fall. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 Retribution had its debut trailer revealed during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. Continuing the story from chapter 1, Retribution puts you back in the shoes of “The Tourist” as you continue to navigate a post-outbreak New Orleans. This time however, in addition to the hordes of walkers and psychopaths, a new villainous ‘Axeman’ is on the hunt.

The trailer shows a noticeable improvement in visuals as well as a drastic increase is the size of the zombie hordes. This is probably why at the time of writing the game is not slated for release on Sony’s aging PSVR headset. However with the reveal of the PSVR2 and its rumored upcoming showcase event, we expect the two to be a match made in zombie heaven.

You can find more from the developer along with the official trailer below:

Your tour through undead New Orleans continues in this massive new chapter to the Tourist’s story. Hunted by the seemingly unstoppable Axeman and facing off against the Tower’s latest push for total dominance, discover what connects these new threats together before it’s too late. New faces, places, weapons and gear all await you on your journey to a final showdown for the city’s fate. Do you have what it takes to survive it all?


By Eric Bezanson

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