Halo Infinite Update : When to Expect Co-Op and Forge

In addition to the new modes revealed a few days ago 343industries have revealed the entirety of Season 2’s Roadmap in the most recent Halo Waypoint Blogpost. 

The roadmap shows off some of the stuff we already knew about like the new game modes, Catalyst Arena map, and Breaker Big Team Battle map. Perhaps most notable is that online co-op and Forge mode finally have “target” dates of late August and September. This is done in an effort to be as clear as possible with the community. Head of Creative, Joseph Staten, wants this to be looked at as an “evolving document” which is why some items have hard dates and others have more softer “target dates.”

In addition to today’s road map blog post, 343 have also revealed plans for a livestream deep dive next Wednesday April 27th at 1:00pm PST. There they will provide more information on the new Battle Pass rewards, events, and game modes. On top of that they also plan on expanding the games multiplayer storyline which was originally kicked off by the games Academy tutorial mode. Referred to as “Multiplayer Narrative Events”, these aim to “place your personal Spartan in the center of an evolving Seasonal storyline.”

The article also goes on to explain that they know the fans want more from a content perspective and that they are trying to find creative ways to accomplish that without sacrificing the work/life balance of the men and women who work on the game.

…with a “priority zero” of team health and getting ourselves into a sustainable development rhythm so that we can deliver great experiences to all of you while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

We know we need to deliver more content and more features more quickly. Staying true to priority zero means that sometimes we need to slow down in order to stay healthy and move faster later. But we’re also aggressively looking at ways to accelerate.

One example they provided as a way to accelerate content releases is to forgo the traditional flighting path for Halo Infinite’s most sought after mode, Forge. Instead of months of invite-only flights, the mode will instead release as an Open beta getting it into everyone’s hands much earlier. This is a great move as Forge has long been the catalyst in giving past iterations of Halo multiplayer significant life spans.

Unexpectedly, the road map also contains a small tease for season 3. While it shows off the standard affair of a new Battle Pass along with new maps and modes, there is also a mention of even more “narrative events” as well as new tools in the sandbox (Halo CE magnum please).


Our Take

Halo Infinite blew us and the industry at large away with its launch but for many it has started to run out of steam. We applaud the leadership at 343 Industries for resisting the temptation to sacrifice the work/life balance of its employees for the sake of player demands. But at the same time, we are excited the wait is nearly over.

New maps and modes are just want the doctor ordered for the current state of Halo Infinite, and the release of Forge can open a whole new world of possibilities for Microsoft’s flagship franchise. May 3rd can’t come soon enough. See you all on the battlefield!

By Eric Bezanson

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