Outriders : Broadcast 3 Highlights the Technomancer Class and New Environments

The third broadcast from People Can Fly on Outriders has wrapped up and similar to prior broadcasts we received a look at a new class and some additional features of the game.

Class : Technomancer

The Technomancer uses technology to activate items such as mines, turrets, launchers and more while having the best healing abilities of all the classes. The Technomancer excels at long range combat and support.


You can find gameplay of the Technomancer, new environments, skills, and more via the broadcast video.

Additionally, the development team took time to answer some more Q&A from curious fans. Here is what they covered:

Question: What platforms and stores is Outriders coming to?

Answer: As many as possible including PC (both Epic Games Store and Steam), the Xbox family of devices, and PS4 and PS5. It will arrive on Stadia in 2021.

Question: How does the story progress? Will players be able to play from start till finish with friends?

Answer: Outriders has a drop-in/drop-out style of gameplay. Once you finish the prologue, you and your friends will be tackle the full game together, in different sections, or you can play the entire game solo. If you try to join a game at a spot where you haven’t reached yet, it will warn you ahead of time.

Question: Are we seeing a lower level cap where grinding for gear being the essential endgame?

Answer: Players will be able to grind for gear yes, but finding the best build is dependent on a lot more than just coming across a legendary through pure luck. How you spec your character using the skill tree and how you modify your existing gear will play a big role in your combat effectiveness and survivability. And of course there is a question of skill. No matter how amazing your gear, you won’t survive long at the top difficulties if you don’t master your equipment.

Our Take

The more we see of Outriders, the more we like. As we’ve said before, we just hope it launches as a stable, deep experience and not needing several months of tuning before realizing its potential.

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