Perfect Dark Mentioned Again as Xbox Game Studio The Initiative’s Major Title

We’ve been talking for some time about The Initiative, the new studio under the Xbox Game Studios that is hiring top-tier talent from all around the industry. The prevailing rumor, which we’ve heard from our sources as well, is that they are working on rebooting Perfect Dark in the vein of a major, third-person, action/adventure/stealth game.


Typically we wouldn’t continue to share rumors, however it got a major boost last night when Jeff Grubb confirmed the title is Perfect Dark during the Kinda Funny Games Daily Twitch Chat.

You can find the video here with the conversation beginning at about the 44 minute mark:  Twitch Video

After Andrea Rene says:

I don’t know if Perfect Dark is something that Microsoft would want to spend potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on. It feels like a really risky gamble.

Jeff Grubb responds in chat with:


Our Take

From what we know, it’s Perfect Dark. While we’ve seen some respond with “We want to see new IP“, keep in mind that this is essentially a brand new title in a completely different vein from what people think of Perfect Dark. From what we understand, this is a big-budget, AAA title that will focus on pushing narrative and Joanna Dark as a notable protagonist. No matter what, we’re excited to see what this incredibly talented studio is working on.



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