Outriders Broadcast 2 : Highlighting the Campaign and Pyromancer Class

One of the first titles announced for the PS5 and Xbox Series X was Outriders from People Can Fly. Now, if you missed our previous coverage on Broadcast 1, you can find it here.

For broadcast 2, titled Beyond the Frontier, the development team gave us another detailed look into the world, some new aspects, and a new character class. Here’s the recap:

  • Campaign and World Design


    • Outriders will have a hub-and-spoke map system similar to Destiny and Anthem. Players will socialize in the hubs, purchase items/weapons, pick up bounties, and meet up with teammates before heading out into the world of Enoch.
    • Enoch is said to be “very expansive” with a massive world to explore and a dark, sci-fi story complemented with a few hours of motion capped cut-scenes.
    • Travel between zones can be done using the Outrider Truck which People Can Fly described as a “mobile RPG village”. While you can’t drive it, you can fully customize it.
    • Side-quests are plentiful and scale to the player’s level.
      • The broadcast highlighted a specific side quest where you track down a cult leader and then are able to select from one of three pieces of gear for your character(s).

  • Pyromancer Class


    • The Pyromancer is all about keeping a safe distance while setting enemies ablaze with a wealth of different abilities.
      • Heatwave sends a line of fire in front of you burning anything in its path.
      • Thermal Bomb marks an enemy for your teammates. If any nearby Outrider kills a Thermal Bomb target they will explode dealing AOE damage.

      • Ash Blast is a utility which allows the Pyromancer to stunning all nearby enemies using an ash cloud.

      • ¬†Overheat deals minor fire damage in AOE form as well and again, can combo with enemies already on fire for additional damage.

  • People Can Fly held a Q&A session again and provided a few more nuggets of info for fans.
    • The game will have no PvP component.
    • As with most ARPGs, players can have multiple characters on their account.
    • The next stream will be in August to show gear sets, crafting, and the Devastator.

If you want to watch the full stream, you can find it below!

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