Outriders : Broadcast #1 Highlights Fluid Gameplay and Intense Action

The first gameplay broadcast of Outriders wrapped up just a short while ago and the development team at People Can Fly gave players a detailed look at some of the features of the game including abilities, loot, world tiers, UI settings, and more. Below we’ve summarized some of the key information for you.


Regarding the world, the game will feature world tiers which, similar to other ARPGs, will adjust enemy quantity, difficulty, and damage output in exchange for higher loot drop rates and more bonuses for players.

  • There are 15 total world tiers.
  • Loot level, drop rates, and resource drop rates scale accordingly.
  • At higher world tiers, the game will not only drop gear higher than your player level, but will allow you to use it in that world tier as well.

World Tier

The world will feature rich characters you’ll meet along the way and a deep back story for the world around you. The team at People Can Fly however didn’t want players to have to spend hours digging around for lore. Instead, they’ve taken a more dynamic approach which will represent itself through player choice, story direction, and a journal.


Gore looks to be an integral part of the experience with enemies exploding all around you in a fashion not dis-similar to Gears of War. And yes, headshots look as brutal as you would expect!


The broadcast also highlighted one of the player classes. For this stream, the team focused on The Trickster who uses their abilities to be more up close and personal while complimenting combo and team attacks. A few notes on character classes:

  • Each class has 8 total abilities; 3 of which can be active at any one time.
    • Abilities can be hot swapped at any time, even during combat (as long as the ability is not on cooldown).
  • Each class has a large skill tree that compliments 3 unique play-styles. The player can choose to cross paths to fit their own play-style.


Skill tree


Finally, a few Q&A questions were asked. Of those, the most important were:

  • Will Outriders have Microtransactions?  No
  • Will Outriders use Denuvo on PC?  No
  • Is Outriders a Game as a Service? No – it’s a complete experience at launch/on-disc. Of course this doesn’t mean they won’t expand it. 

If you missed the stream and would like to watch the gameplay itself, we highly recommend giving it a watch as we were impressed by what we saw. It also gives you a much deeper look at The Trickster player class.

Our Take

We were pleasantly surprised by Outriders Broadcast #1 both in the details of what was shown but also the gameplay itself. It looks fluid, fun, and packing unique features that will separate Outriders from other co-op action games on the market. We’ll be paying close attention to the title moving forward. Stay tuned!


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