The New PS Plus Launches in Asia with Some Unexpected Surprises

The all new PlayStation Plus service was detailed in a PlayStation blog post a few weeks ago, and within that announcement it was noted that the service would have a staggered roll out. The Asian market has been the first to get hands on with the service, launching May 24th, and the launch has come with some unexpected surprises. While the Asia service may not end up being 1:1 to that of the North American, ANZ, or European service, there are still some interesting tidbits that are worth noting

Classic Games Sometimes Hertz

Unfortunately, like the PlayStation Classic console before it, some of the classic games on offer are indeed using the PAL (50hz) version of the games, even in non-PAL regions. YouTuber Mystic has done an extensive deep dive into this and has noted while some games do offer the NTSC (60hz) version, games like Jumping Flash, Intelligent Cube, Wild Arms, Worms 1 and 2, and Ape Escape are all using the PAL version. This unfortunately leads to games that may look choppier and feel less responsive then you may remember or expect.


Luckily though it is not all bad news. These classic games are available as individual purchases at pretty reasonable prices for non-subscribers. They also support save states and optional retro filters to provide that interlaced look of a CRT television.

Additionally it is great to see that more than just Siphon Filter, as previously reported, will launch will full trophy lists of which also include a platinum trophy. Currently the games with confirmed trophy support are Siphon Filter, Hot Shots Golf, Intelligent Cube, Wild Arms and Ape Escape. The feature’s inclusion seems to be completely optional which is the best of both worlds. This way, the added benefit of trophies is possible for those who want it but won’t act as a wall that prevents more games from being added to the service. The previous mandate for trophies during the PS2 on PS4 program was a huge barrier to entry during the last generation resulting in a smaller quantity of games than players would have preferred.

Longer Trials on the Horizon

The game trial program is one of the most prominent features of this new service offered only at the highest tier and had previously been rumoured to mandate 2 hours of playtime. However, as reported by Push Square, that rumour may have been a minimum value as the Horizon Forbidden West trial time is set at 5 hours. This is 5 hours of in-game time as well, so you can quit and come back as much as you want and not be asked to pay anything until you have actually played it for the full trial period. These trials will also allow you to unlock trophies and of course all saved data will transfer to the full version of the game should you opt to purchase afterword.

Something to Sink your Teeth Into

There has been more than just the current state of PS Plus Premium revealed with the Asia launch, as key art surrounding the services menu is showing off games that have yet to even be announced for the service. Twitter users quick to point out that Dino Crisis is splashed right on the home page. Dino Crisis has been something that fans have been begging Capcom to remaster or reboot for decades, so seeing it appear here has us excited. Fingers crossed that it also receives a full trophy list!

The New PS Plus launches on June 2nd in Japan, June 13th in North and South America and June 23rd in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. You can find a fill list of all the games coming to the service here, or you can checkout the Bitcast crew’s thoughts here. Until then stay tuned for Seasoned Gaming for more updates as this roll out continues.


By Eric Bezanson

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