[email protected] Summer Game Fest : Play 40 Demos of Upcoming Titles

Similar to last year, [email protected] is ending E3 and kicking off summer with a wealth of demos for upcoming titles. There are 40 titles in total and thanks to Xbox Wire, we’ve detailed them below for you!

It’s time! We are excited to showcase 40 awesome demos of unreleased games on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Just like last year’s Summer Game Demo event, you can download and play these in the comfort of your own home between June 15 – 21.

Demos will be playable starting today, and we encourage you to continue to check the Xbox Dashboard on your console as more will continue to become available throughout the week! Keep in mind that most of these demos are an early look at gameplay and may not represent the full game at their release, including the availability in each country as developers continue to update and refine their title ahead of launch.

•     A Juggler’s Tale (kaleidoscube)

•     Antipole DX (Saturnine Games)

•     Arietta of Spirits (Third Spirit Games)

•     BattleCakes (Volcano Bean)

•     Black Book (Morteshka)

•     Button City (Subliminal)

•     Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four (Elder Games)

•     Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered (Manekoware)

•     Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (Doborog)

•     Clouzy! (Tinymoon)

•     ConnecTank (YummyYummyTummy)

•     Death Trash (Crafting Legends)

•     Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room (Good Gate Media)

•     Dreamers (PlaySys)

•     Echo Generation (Cococucumber)

•     Faraday Protocol (Red Koi Box)

•     Fractal Space (Haze Games)

•     Get Packed: Fully Loaded (Coatsink)

•     Godstrike (Overpowered)

•     Justice Sucks: Recharged (Samurai Punk)

•     Lake (Gamious)

•     Lawn Mowing Simulator (Skyhook Games)

•     Mad Streets (Craftshop)

•     Mayhem Brawler (Hero Concept)

•     Paint the Town Red (South East Games)

•     Princess Farmer (Samobee Games)

•     Sable (Shedworks)

•     Sail Forth (David Evans Games)

•     Strings Theory (BeautifulBee)

•     Tanknarok (Polyblock Studio)

•     Teacup (Smarto Club)

•     The Eternal Cylinder (ACE Team)

•     The Riftbreaker (EXOR Studios)

•     The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 2 (Intetic)

•     The Tale of Bistun (Black Cube Games)

•     Trigger Witch (Rainbite)

•     Tunic (Isometricorp)

•     Wreck Out (Four5Six)


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