Nintendo Warns Creators About Streaming Direct, Twitch Refuses to Broadcast

Anyone who has covered Nintendo knows how stringent they are in sharing their content. As direct as we are, we’ve been copyrighted multiple times by Nintendo for the simplest of things. According to a post this morning, they still show no sign of changing their antiquated ways.

In a post this morning, they asked that streamers, content creators, etc. only show their reactions to the Direct. They are not allowed to use any footage or sound from the presentation.

In a major display of solidarity with their creators, Twitch followed up by saying they would not broadcast the Nintendo Direct despite having the rights to do so.

Our Take

Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s time for Nintendo to become part of the modern gaming community. Not only does this disappoint fans, but it severely limits engagement with potential new customers. It’s outdated thinking that needs to change.

By Seasoned Gaming

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