PlayStation 5 Storage Options Limited at Launch

Some of the biggest questions surrounding the PS5’s launch have been regarding storage. As it comes with a proprietary 825GB SSD, we’ve been curious as to how Sony would expand support for the console’s storage expansion slot and external drives. We now have those answers, and at least initially, they aren’t too promising.

With the embargo up this morning, we’ve learned new information regarding the PS5’s storage capabilities at launch. Let’s break it down.

First, as discussed previously, you can plug in your existing external drives and play your PS4 games off of them just as you do today. It was previously assumed that you could also transfer PS5 games to external drives and then back to the internal SSD. This saves time in downloading them, saves data against data caps, and it’s functionality that Xbox has touted with their Series line of consoles. However, this option is not available on the PS5. This has been confirmed via multiple reports and Geoff Keighley commented on it as well.


Now if you missed it earlier this week, Sony has also confirmed that the storage expansion slot that was over-viewed in the official teardown, will not be functional at launch. As many rightfully pointed out, Mark Cerny said the same earlier this year in his technical breakdown. As of right now, there is no date as to when supported drives will be available. All that has been said is “soon after launch”. This was confirmed by Sony representatives speaking to The Verge.

With the PS5 having an 825GB internal SSD, and reported usable space of only 667GB, that means the launch window could get a little interesting for fans that will be buying several games and using their PS5 as their primary platform.

Our Take

While this isn’t a big deal per say, nor will it impact a big percentage of players, it does represent poor planning by Sony. Our guess is that they had planned to have third-party drives available very close to launch, but that timeline has gotten pushed somehow. At the very least, we’re unsure as to why they’re not supporting offloading to external drives.



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