Nintendo Celebrates Super Mario Brothers 35th Anniversary with a New Direct

This morning Nintendo kicked off the festivities to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers. As part of the show, we received a few announcements including the long awaited return of some classic 3D Mario games for the Switch as previously reported. Here’s the details:

  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming to the Switch on September 18th. It will include Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy in 720p/1080p resolutions. It will only be available for a limited time until March 2021 and retails for $59.99.

  • Super Mario Brothers 35 is a special edition of Super Mario Brothers that allows 35 players to compete against one another until there is only one Mario standing. It will be available as part of Nintendo Online beginning October 1st. Again, it will only be available until March of 2021.

  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury launches on the Switch on February 12, 2021.
  • Two new Amiibo will be released to celebrate 3D World.

  • Super Mario themed furniture will arrive in Animal Crossing in March.
  • Mario Kart Live comes to the Switch on October 16th.

  • As always, if you missed the full show we recommend watching it!

Our Take

It’s great to see Nintendo celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary with several announcements and we’re certainly excited to see more titles on the Switch. We are confused at some of the limited availability along with releasing the classic 3D Mario titles essentially in their original forms for $20 each. Regardless, if you love Mario it’s been one heck of a morning!

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