Review : PlayStation DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

It is very easy to be excited about new hardware, especially after the massive reveal of the PlayStation 5 during Sony’s most recent live event. But before I daydream about the new graphics and titles such as Bugsnax, I have to remain grounded in this current generation. After all, we still have other large titles to play before we can grant our PlayStation 4 systems a proper goodbye.

In my continued effort to search for the perfect off-brand PlayStation 4 controller, I stumbled upon the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment. This small, simple device attaches to the bottom of the controller and wraps to the back. This snug little peripheral adds a feature that many gamers would find incredibly useful: it adds two customization back paddles that rest snug under your fingers.

The wide circular back acts as an LED screen that when held down allows you to easily change what each paddle does. In mere seconds, I was programming this adapter to my liking. It didn’t seem to strain on the battery either, which is nice. Unlike other premium controllers, when I put the controller down on a table or flat surface, the adapter has no contact with it.


The adapter is a fantastic piece but it doesn’t solve the issue that the premium controller options offer. It’s an attachment and will not offer a huge overhaul to the liking of the Nacon or Astro controllers. It is a basic attachment and it is nothing more than that.

Despite that though, the simple product does have a slight issue. It is rather difficult to put on and take off.  It is a little tight and at one point I felt like I was going to break the thing just putting it on. Assuming you have multiple controllers that you swap out as the batteries die, moving this along proves to be rather difficult. At the same time the price is so low that I am almost considering buying another one for a second controller.


In the days of overpriced premium controllers, Sony manages to add a significant advantage for an incredibly low price. Ranging from about $25 to $30, buying one seems like a no-brainer. After some adjusting to the adapter and playing roughly 30 hours, I have to say that this little device is a pleasure to use. It’s a fantastic addition and works like a charm. As we look towards the future with the PlayStation 5, buying a $200 controller seems like an unreasonable concept. But if you can get by with just two more buttons at your fingertips, then get this piece.

By Steve Esposito

Steve Esposito is a dedicated content creator with a focus on his love for technology, video games, and the very industry that oversees it all. He also takes part in organizing the Long Island Retro and Tabletop Gaming Expo as well as a Dungeons and Dragons podcast: Copper Piece. You can find him on twitter @AgitatedStove

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