Nintendo Switch Worldwide Sales Surpass 17 Million Units


Nintendo released their investor relations info today and thus, offered the details on how the Switch hardware is performing. Given it’s release just over a year ago, it’s selling extremely well.

As of March 31st, the Switch has sold through 17.79 million units with software sales on the platform totaling 68.97 million units. Nintendo also confirmed that Zelda : Breath of the Wild is now officially the best selling Zelda game of all-time (when factoring Switch and Wii U sales).

You can find the full investor report, including details on additional hardware and software, here : Nintendo Investor Report

Our Take

The Switch continues to do very well for Nintendo. While we were curious to see if the success would continue into 2018, so far it certainly has. We have mixed opinions on the Switch. While we appreciate the hardware and the growing third party support, we also have complaints with the lack of features, online play, and support as well. We’ll be watching the Switch closely through 2018 and hope Nintendo finally brings more from a platform perspective later this year.

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