Nintendo Interim President Kimishima Steps Down, Replacement Named

Tatsumi Kimishima, the temporary President of Nintendo, has stepped down to open the role for the new, permanent replacement. Nintendo has named Shuntaro Furukawa, a Nintendo veteran who’s just 46 years old, as the new President.

Furukawa has served as a Board Member since 2012 and been with Nintendo since 1994. He has been vocal about having grown up in the “Famicon Era” and about “balancing Nintendo’s traditions : originality and flexibility”.

Kimishima (Left) / Furukawa (Right)

Our Take

The most surprising news here is not a new President of America nor it being a long time Nintendo veteran, but rather his age. As many feel Nintendo is often behind when it comes to technology and connectivity, we hope this is the first step in the right direction for Nintendo to turn that corner. We offer congratulations to Furukawa and all the best to Kimishima on his future endeavors!

By Seasoned Gaming

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