World of Tanks : Update 9.18 Arrives Tomorrow


One of the largest updates to World of Tanks in years is nearly here.  Encompassing some major changes to matchmaking, light tank tiers, and most importantly SPGs, 9.18 is going to drastically change the way the game is played.

You can find further detail via the WOT blog here : Wargaming 9.18 Announcement

Our Take

Wargaming has struggled for a very long time with trying to balance World of Tanks while incorporating early design decisions and fan feedback.  At the heart of many of those complaints has been the artillery play.  9.18 is their attempt to make some core changes to the way WOT is played.  While it’s been on the test server for a period already, it will be interesting to see what the general public thinks after it goes live.  We’re sure Wargaming will hear from them in on way or another….


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