Halo Infinite Introduces Forge Playlist and Reach-Themed Event

It feels like I’ve talked about Halo a lot lately, primarily because I have. Thankfully, I simply bring good news for fans of Halo Infinite today. 343i introduced a new timed-event alongside the first playlist featuring community Forge maps.

Noble Intention

First up is the new limited-time event. Titled Noble Intention, it’s another free, 10-tier battle pass.

Once upon a time, there were to be seven members of Noble Team—the seven samurai, the magnificent seven… but two of them didn’t make it into Halo: Reach.

Thom-A293 perished in the aforementioned game’s live-action “Deliver Hope” trailer, blowing up a Covenant vessel from the inside with a tactical nuke. Rosenda-A344 remained in obscure background fiction, cited as a potential replacement on the team for Emile-A239.

The event runs for two weeks from February 7th through February 21st. It will also coincide with some new weekly rewards so be sure to get them while you can!

Community Collection

343i also added a new playlist today that brings Forge maps to matchmaking for the first time! Titled the Community Collection, it features four maps from the community that are played in a variety of Arena modes. The maps are:

Credits: Anvil Prime 52, Savesme6464, b0b is here

Credits: Sikamikanico, Whos Blaze, UnknownEmerald, tdubfed1, Bubba

Credits: Black Picture, InfiniteForges

Credits: Pwn Jones, TheHoodedManZ, titchbittie, The MetaChief, Hitbox unKnown, Max Extra 


The updates are a fantastic way to lead into the first HCS Year Two Major in Charlotte and Season 3 on March 7th. I hope to see you online!


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