Report : Joe Staten Leaves 343 Industries and Halo to Re-Join Xbox Publishing

As reported by several sources and detailed by Microsoft earlier today, the company is parting ways with approximately 10,000 positions. While it represents less than 5% of Microsoft’s total workforce, it is still a large number of employees, with positions impacted across all divisions.

While details are still surfacing, particularly as they relate to the Gaming division, a report from Bloomberg suggests that Joseph Staten is leaving 343 Industries. According to Jason Schreier, Staten is re-joining Xbox publishing and will once again be leaving the Halo IP behind.

For those who may not be aware, Staten joined 343 Industries in 2020 to aid in streamlining Halo Infinite’s delivery. And he has been a key component in their progress and communication plans since then. Having worked on Halo during the Bungie era, he was also seen by many to be a good omen.

As always, context is important. With Pierre Hintze the studio head at 343i, we hope we receive a formal communication on any changes soon. We’ll have more on it develops but for now, we simply wish all those impacted the very best.

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