E3 2021 : New Details on Elden Ring Include Bosses, Crafting, and More

Now that Elden Ring is finally unveiled, From Software CEO and Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, has discussed more details of hotly-anticipated game. Much of this information comes courtesy of IGN and a translation from Famitsu.

Here are all the details that have been discussed so far. It’s become clear that Elden Ring is easily the most ambitious title that From Software has ever developed.

  • There will be six major areas that function as distinct dungeons. Each is ruled by demigod characters that you can approach in any order you wish.
  • The hub world has a world map but the dungeons will not. They will feature a wealth of environments and biomes such as catacombs, castles, fortresses, and more.
  • Due to the size of the world and its design, players will have a much higher degree of freedom than in previous games.
  • There will be plenty of optional bosses to discover/battle.

According to Miyazaki, the setting of Elden Ring is titled “The Lands Between” which was created by George R.R. Martin.

“The Lands Between is actually a name that was invented by George R.R. Martin himself when he was coming up for the impetus for this world and writing its history and its deep mythos,” says Miyazaki. “And we hope that as well as taking away the idea of it being the sort of impetus and the starting place for the world, we want people to feel that it’s really like an invitation to this mysterious new land.”

  • The character creator returns.
  • The game will feature multiple endings.
  • The game supports multiplayer as previously noted, however Miyazaki specifically said “during exploration on the open fields”. We’re unsure if the entirety of the game supports co-op or just specific sections.
  • There is a new crafting system.
  • “Spirits” can be collected and summoned and will have different roles. They are also upgradeable.
  • As you would imagine, the previous multiplayer details return such as ghosts, messaging, etc…

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