PlayStation Results Show Record Revenue, Growth in Digital

Early this morning, Sony released its financial figures for the end of the fiscal year which of course includes PlayStation. As with Xbox, they’ve seen excellent growth and sales revenue.

There were large number of details shared which we will break down below!

  • The PlayStation 5 has now sold through 7.8 million units.
    • This continues to outpace the PS4 in the same time frame (7.6 million) despite the supply constraints.
  • For the PS4 and PS5, 338.9 million games were sold over the fiscal year.
    • 65% of those were digital, and increase of 12% compared to the prior year (53%).
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers have grown to 47.6 million.
    • This is an increase of 6.1 million compared to prior year (41.5 million).
    • Though the number of PSN monthly active users actually dropped to 109 million from 114 million.
  • Network services accounted for 69% of the game division’s total revenue.
    • Within this, DLC and micro-transactions account for approximately 50%.
  • Total Game and Network Services Revenue totaled $24.4 billion – their highest fiscal year ever.

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