Xbox Series X and S : Everything You Need to Know

At long last, we finally know the launch details of the Xbox “Series” console lineup. Let’s dive in.

Beginning with the Xbox Series S, it will be the entry point to next-generation for Xbox. The Series S features much of the architecture of the Xbox Series X, but with a focus on 1080p/1440p performance. Don’t be confused by the “4 teraflop” number when compared to the current Xbox One X. The new chipset, SSD, and associated APIs, will provide a substantial performance boost over the current Xbox One X which was primarily built upon the old Xbox One architecture but purely focused on a resolution boost.

The Xbox Series X meanwhile we’ve obviously known about for some time. In short, it is a monster of a console. It brings with it some very impressive features resulting in it being the most powerful home console ever designed. Here are a few additional articles if you’re looking for more information:

We now know (thanks to some friends of SG including Windows Central) that both consoles will launch on November 10th. The Series S will debut at $299 while the Series X will debut at $499 MSRP. Additionally, Xbox is expected to push their “All-Access” program where the Xbox Series consoles are sold which will allow households to purchase the Series S for $25 a month or the Series X for $35 a month (presumably with some time of Xbox Game Pass included).

Both of the consoles will feature “The New Xbox Experience” which is essentially the new UI for Xbox consoles. You can find an overview of the feature set and design via Xbox’s official video here:

Our Take

The next-gen console launches this holiday season just got even more interesting. Consumers now have four options (alongside the PS5 and PS5 all-digital) to choose from at what will likely be varied pricing (we’re hearing $399 for PS5 digital and $499 though still rumors at this point). Xbox will truly need to focus on marketing as their potential offering of an Xbox Series S for $25 a month with Game Pass, and thus hundreds of games instantly, has incredible potential on the mainstream market. Alright Sony, it’s your turn.

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