The Xbox Series S is Finally Revealed

We’ve been talking about, and speculating on, the Xbox Series S (aka Lockhart) for over a year now. Finally, we have the first true look at the console.

Brad Sams at Thurott officially revealed the first image for the Series S (Xbox has now followed) which as we speculated, will represent the entry point new console in the Xbox “Series” line thus replacing the Xbox One, S, and X. At least for now, the console will be white, all-digital, and feature a large cooling section on its horizontal frame. According to Brad the retail price is set to be $299 which, again as we expected, will put a lot of pressure on Sony with the PlayStation 5 all-digital as that is expected to be substantially more expensive.

Accordingly, game listings for new titles are already being updated to reflect the “Xbox Series” consoles rather than simply the “Xbox Series X”.

Our Take

So far, our information on the Xbox Series S has been on-point which means the next-gen console race just got a lot more interesting. While Sony has decided to have a single model for the PS5 just with or without a disc-drive, Xbox has decided to have a truly high-end machine and entry level machine thus creating a pincer like effect on PlayStation. This could be a good reason why we’re seeing such a game of chicken on pricing as if they all-digital PS5 is too high of a price, the Series S will be a downright bargain for millions of households (particularly if they push Game Pass with it). Fall is finally beginning to heat up!

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