Suicide Squad from Rocksteady is an Interesting Highlight from DC FanDome

DC FanDome not only treated us to Gotham Knights which has been met with praise from around the industry for both the new ideas and clearly demonstrating several minutes of gameplay, but we were also treated to the first information on Suicide Squad from Rocksteady. What’s most interesting is that it seems to be quite different from what many were expecting.

Suicide Squad Game

First things first, despite waiting for years now to hear directly from Rocksteady on what they’ve been working on, they still only showed a rendered four minute trailer.

As you can see from the trailer, it has a much more light-hearted tone than not only the Arkham Series, but from what we saw out of most of FanDome (as expected with Suicide Squad of course). Also, instead of a contained, single player experience, the title is apparently a co-op GAAS which allows you to play with AI teammates or in four player co-op. From our friends at Eurogamer:

During the DC Fandome event, Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill confirming Suicide Squad is a continuation of its Batman: Arkham-verse. This means story-threads in the Arkham series will be continued in Suicide Squad. Hill also confirmed Suicide Squad is set in an open-world Metropolis. It’s a one to four-player co-op game. You can play it single-player, with the Squad filled by bots. But if you want to play multiplayer with your friends, they can take the role of the other squad members in online co-op. The whole game is accessible single-player or multiplayer, Hill said. If you’re playing single-player, you can switch between the characters at will.

Lastly, the title is next-gen only and will be releasing on PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5. However, it’s currently slated simply for “2022”.

Our Take

We loved DC FanDome, adore the Arkham games, and certainly have faith in Rocksteady to deliver an amazing game. However, it does seem a little strange that after years of talking about what we would see “in time” from Rocksteady, that we were only treated to a rendered trailer, no gameplay, and a release date that is still at least two years away. We have to admit we’re a little confused on this one.


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