Microsoft / Xbox Join Epic Games in the Battle with Apple

Well as we figured it would, this battle continues to get more interesting by the week. As we’ve already discussed at length, Epic took a stand with Apple (and Google to a lesser degree) in challenging their antiquated policies on the App Store.

Apple since responded by threatening to revoke all of Epic’s developer tools on IOS which would essentially damage games, engine updates, and a wealth of other aspects of  gaming across Apple devices.


Just a short while ago, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer posted that they have now filed a formal statement in support of Epic. You can find that legal document here.

Our Take

This is definitely heating up into being an incredibly interesting, and important, battle for the future of cross platform/ecosystem support as we move into next-generation. Times have changed and technology has evolved. In our opinion, it’s time companies like Apple update their policies to reflect the current (and future) state of the industry. There’s no reason this can’t be done while still being adequately compensated for their platform. After all, we’re talking about the two wealthiest and most successful companies in the history of the earth.


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