PlayStation State of Play Returns Later this Week

As we mentioned on Bitcast this weekend, a new State of Play is coming very soon from PlayStation. However, it might not be what you were hoping for.

The next State of Play will be this Thursday, August 6th, at 1pm PST/4pm EST/9pm BST. According to PlayStation, the focus will be PS4 and PSVR titles along with a few indies for the PS5. There will be no major PS5 news.

The episode is weighing in at 40+ minutes(!). We’ve got a great lineup in store featuring plenty of new gameplay footage and other game updates. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

And just to be super clear — there will be no PlayStation Studios updates in Thursday’s episode. There won’t be any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates either. On Thursday, our focus is squarely on showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the broader PlayStation ecosystem.

State of Play

Our Take

While we’re always excited to see new games, the fact that we’re in August and still have no idea when the new consoles are launching, their pricing, or the launch lineups, is absurd. We understand the business side of playing chicken, but at this point the only ones they’re hurting are their fans. Enough already.


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