Red Dead Online : Outlaw Pass 3 Now Available

The latest Outlaw Pass is now available for Red Dead Online and features new outfits, unlocks, camp items, and the ability to earn back over 40 gold bars. The pass will run through October 19th.


  • Up to 40 Gold Bars
  • An assortment of special Offers and Rewards
  • Role XP boost during the Club Membership period
  • Unique outfits
  • Weapon Modifications
  • A trusty Camp Dog and other Camp modifications
  • Plus much more.

Our Take

While it doesn’t receive the attention of GTA Online, Red Dead Online has a solid playerbase with continued engagement; particularly with the current pandemic. We’re happy to see Rockstar continuing to support the world and we’ll certainly be giving it another look.

In case you missed it, we gave you an updated look at Red Dead Online a short while ago.


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