Planet Coaster Advertisement Indicates Separate Copies for PS4 and PS5 Unlike Xbox Series X

One of the bigger questions we have yet to get an answer to from Sony relating to the PS5, is whether they are going to be offering their own “Smart Delivery” like system where players get the PS5 version of titles for free if they’ve bought the PS4 version. While signs have been encouraging to date given some of the announcements by third-parties, it doesn’t always seem to be the case.

This morning, Frontier Developments announced that Planet Coaster is coming to consoles this holiday season with a new advertisement and as you can see, it’s very clear that were will be separate copies for the PS4 and PS5 versus a single “Xbox” copy that is upgraded for the Series X.

Console Coaster

It’s worth noting, this doesn’t necessarily mean that PS4 owners won’t be able to download an upgrade to the PS5 version separately. We’ve reached out to Frontier for a statement and will update this article if they provide any clarification.

Our Take

We’ve heard that there will be an August show from both Sony and Microsoft where we will learn more details on system functionality, UI updates, pricing, and more. We certainly hope that Sony begins to clarify their stance on some of these items as it’s only fair to consumers to understand the nuances of upgrading well in advance.

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