The Gunk Developers say they went with Xbox Series X Exclusivity due to the Power of the Hardware

One of the most surprising titles from the Xbox Games Showcase was The Gunk; the new title from Steamworld developers Image and Form. The title is coming in 2021 for the Xbox Series X and PC but naturally the question of a PS5 release was asked. It was clarified that The Gunk is a “full-fledged” exclusive meaning it will never land on a PlayStation console.

According to a new article shared by Wccftech, Image and Form chose the Series X directly due to the console’s superior power.

The CEO of Thunderfall Brjann Sigurgeirsson, the publishing company behind the game, had the following to say:

New IP, new heroes, a new development engine, and an extra dimension. We’ve had to keep this close to our chests for quite some time, and as always it’s a relief to announce to the world what we’re working on. We’re of course very excited.

A bit into the development process it became obvious that The Gunk would be very hardware-demanding. We’ve always managed to keep our games lean, but The Gunk is all bells and whistles about to explode spectacularly. We had to make a choice: either we quiet it down considerably, or we go talk to the guys with the most powerful hardware. We decided to go talk to the guys with the most powerful hardware.

Our Take

This is a rather interesting take, particularly as the game is supposedly also releasing on the Xbox One which goes without saying is far less powerful than the PS5. We’re unsure if there will be differentiating features between the Series X and PC versions over the Xbox One, but regardless as it stands, you’ll need an Xbox or PC to play The Gunk.

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