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Crystal Dynamics Avengers has been in development for a long time now but opinions on what we’ve seen to date have been mixed. Thankfully, earlier today was the Avengers War Table stream to show fans a lot more of what they can expect when the game launches on September 4th.

If you couldn’t tune in don’t worry, here are the the highlights of everything you missed.

As we saw previously the protagonist is Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and given what we saw today, players will be facing off against MODOK (Dr. George Tarleton) who is the founder of the organization AIM.

Stream 7

As Khan you’ll play through the campaign but along the way, will unlock the ability to play as other heroes on specific quests.

The focus of the stream today was Thor and highlighted things like combo abilities with other heroes, ultimates, and specific unlocks like manual targeting. The specific mission was titled “Once an Avenger”.

Stream 2

Tech tree build out and customization also seems to play a large part in the game. Each hero has their own tree and abilities as well as a wealth of customization options. Some of the customization unlocks will be done through standard missions, some will be done through accomplishing specific tasks, and others meanwhile will be available in the “online store” (for real money).

Stream 1

Stream 3

Stream 4

Another aspect of the characters is their Heroic Moves which have three variations.

  • Assault is the most basic and represents more of a special move for each character.
  • Support moves can be used to buff your teammates. As we saw in the video, Thor can provide nearby teammates with brief invulnerability.
  • Lastly, Ultimates are devastating but take a long time to charge.

Finally, Warzones is a mode that allows you and up to three friends (or A.I.) to play specific missions with specific objectives, bosses, and rewards. Crystal Dynamics said that each Warzone mission is story-based and helps to advance your character building.

Stream 5

Stream 6

As always, if you missed the full stream we highly suggest checking it out for more details and the Q&A held at the end.

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