Minecraft Dungeons : The Jungle Awakens Expansion Launches in July

Minecraft Dungeons seems to be a hit. It launched across all major platforms earlier this week and data suggests millions of players are enjoying their time in the new Minecraft world.

Fortunately for fans, Mojang has a roadmap for the game that includes at least two major expansions in 2020 alone. The first is titled “Jungle Awakens” and will launch in July.

“In this adventure, you’ll enter a distant, dangerous jungle to fight a mysterious power in three new missions. To defeat the terrors hidden among the vines, you’ll have new weapons, armor, and artifacts at your disposal.”

Jungle 2

They also teased the next expansion which will be a wintry themed world titled “Creeping Winter”. It arrives in late 2020.

Our Take

We’re truly enjoying Minecraft Dungeons. While simple, it’s a very fun and relaxing game to play particularly with family or friends. It also offers a surprising level of challenge should you ramp up the difficulty on your quest to find the best loot.


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