Indie Developer Details Success and Support Since Joining Xbox Game Pass

Yesterday we had the pleasure of speaking with Tribe Games founder Charles McGregor who recently published his first title in Hyperdot. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed Hyperdot (you can find our review here) but what we were more curious about, is how launching on Game Pass has helped players discover the game.

McGregor shared a few details on both the process of working with ID@Xbox and launching on Game Pass; being very complimentary of each. For perspective on the below details, realize that McGregor developed Hyperdot by himself and worked with an incredibly small publishing team. So seeing even tens of thousands of players is a very big accomplishment which Game Pass has helped Hyperdot surpass broadly.

At 6:15 : How has the response been to the game since launching on Game Pass? How was that process?

McGregor: “It’s been amazing especially since it’s been on Game Pass. It’s been great to hear floods of people coming in and giving feedback, telling me I really like this or enjoy this, or this brought me back to playing so and so game.” he continued “So yeah it’s been awesome.”

And do you get the player numbers from Xbox?

McGregor: “….Yes. So right now as we record live, we are over 120,000 people have been playing Hyperdot. Which is just….I don’t understand. Really it’s gotten to the numbers where it’s hard for me to fathom how many people there are.”

At 8:50 : So it seems like a rather seamless process? It seems as though Xbox is really supportive of you, development, and getting the game in front of people?

McGregor: “….Yeah. Last year was surreal. It’s checked off so many boxes of dreams that I’ve had. Going to E3 period was one I had. But let alone doing that, I was on the Microsoft stage alongside Ghost Recon.” he continued “They’ve been super supportive. They brought us out to GDC, E3, and PAX West. So we were able to go to all of those events with Xbox. It’s been crazy.”

You can find the full 30 minute interview with Charles at the start of Bitcast 105 below!


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