Ghost of Tsushima : Gameplay, Combat, and Customization Details from PlayStation’s State of Play

Finally, we have seen the breadth of what Ghost of Tsushima will offer players when it launches on July 17th. And from what we’ve seen, it should be an incredible experience.

PlayStation just wrapped up their latest State of Play which gave us a solid 18 minutes of Ghost of Tsushima coverage. If you missed the details we posted a few days ago, you can find those here. But along with those, we have now seen more of the world, some customization options, combat, and a few features. Here are the highlights:

  • You will be able to complete missions in a normal fashion or as the “Ghost” which represents the more stealthy approach with special tools and assassinations.


  • The world map is very reminiscent of similar, open-world titles such as Days Gone or Ubisoft games.


  • Customization will play a large role in the game and different equipment will provide different bonuses.


  • As we’ve seen in other first-party Sony titles, there will be an extensive photo mode. Unique to GoT, is the ability to add tracks from the game’s soundtrack.


  • The player will have the ability to activate a black and white mode similar to classic Japanese samurai movies. This was one of our favorite features shown.


  • The stream also highlighted some world exploration and some of the areas you will explore along with a deeper look at combat. If you haven’t watched it yet, we would recommend it!

Our Take

Sucker Punch has been developing Ghost of Tsushima for several years now and we certainly hope it delivers. The collaboration with other Sony first-party studios shines through and it looks like we will explore a vast, beautiful world while engaging in a meaningful story. We’ve seen all we need to see at this point and although we still have a few reservations, we say bring on July 17th!


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