PUBG : Season 6 Trailer Highlights New Map, Destructibility


PUBG continues to evolve and as we’ve commented on many times, is still one of our favorite competitive shooters on the market. The next season releases later this month and with it, a new map, mode, weapons, and more.

Season 6 launches on January 23rd on PC and January 30th on console. There is a new 4×4 map (similar to Sanhok) named Karakin where a 64 player battle royale match will take place. Additionally there will be new features like destructibility of buildings. As you would expect there is a new Battle Pass as well titled Shakedown.

Per the official trailer:

The four square kilometers of Karakin are just enough space for 64 players to settle their differences quickly with new weapons and new ways to play. Gain the advantage on enemy squads by creating new entryways in buildings Sticky Bombs. You’ll want to watch out for the new Black Zone feature which will rearrange urban areas in an instant.

Our Take

Adding some variety in map size and player count is a good idea for PUBG and we’re especially curious to see how the destruction of walls and buildings is handled. If implemented well, it could really change the dynamics of matches in PUBG. As always, we’re excited to jump into the new¬† content!

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