Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Debut Gameplay Info / Video

Ubisoft premiered the next entry in the Ghost Recon series of games today in Breakpoint. The gameplay shown looks to be along the lines of Wildlands but certainly seems to have influences from other Clancy titles as well.

Ubisoft held a long stream today demoing the game which releases on October 4th. You can find all of the video links below. Enjoy!

Here is the official announce trailer:

Here is the full gameplay demo:

And if you want the full experience, here is the full stream with Ubisoft:

Our Take

Ubisoft has been on a roll lately and given the success of Wildlands and The Division 2, we have to imagine that Breakpoint has a good chance to be another runaway success. We’re anxious to see more from the title and how it will differentiate itself as being a co-op title, it does seem a little strange that Ubisoft will cannibalize its own game in Division 2 at least to some degree. We will certainly be providing more info from E3 next month!


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