Gamestop to Offer “Guaranteed to Love It” Program Starting with Days Gone


Gamestop is rolling out a new program likely aimed at getting consumers to pre-order and/or purchase titles at launch.

The program is titled Guaranteed to Love It and the idea is that after purchasing a title at launch, you are able to return it for full value (in trade-in credit) within 48 hours. The first game to be included in the program is Days Gone which releases next Friday, April 26th. The official internal document was leaked as you can see below:


Our Take

This is an interesting pitch from Gamestop. While the industry moves more towards digital offerings, Gamestop is attempting to bolster its business by providing a sense of security for those purchasing new, physical games at launch. We’re not sure how many will take advantage of this program, but we’re certainly interested in hearing thoughts. Let us know what you think!


By Seasoned Gaming

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