Liberated : Interactive Graphic Novel Game Coming this Year

Gematsu is reporting that Liberated, an interactive graphic novel game, is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch in 2019.

Liberated is an interactive dystopian graphic novel that unfolds on the pages of a comic book. The game is made up of four chapters—comic book issues showing the story from a perspective of different characters.


It is set in a dark world in the near future where technology turned against people. Under the pretext of ensuring security and order, many civil rights of citizens are being violated and modern technology has become a tool of the authorities to manipulate people. People are being surveilled in every possible way—via social media, CCTV, their online payments, device tracking and many others. Liberated is also a story about authoritarianism: about how it appears in a democratic society, gradually develops and ultimately tears it down.

Our Take

Given the success of the Telltale games (sadly not the studio) and games of that nature, we’re rather surprised that we haven’t seen more titles in this vein. That said, this looks intriguing and will certainly keep an eye on it as it nears release.

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