Bungie to Break from Activision, Claim Publishing Rights to Destiny IP

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 8 years since Bungie signed on with Activision and began working on Destiny. Back in 2010, when Bungie first signed with Activision, many questioned the move particularly after Bungie had acquired their freedom from Microsoft. Of course as we all know, Bungie has since created one of the most lucrative IPs in the gaming industry in Destiny. Well as with all things it seems, it must come to an end.

Bungie announced today that they are once again going independent and will retain the rights to Destiny while publishing the game directly. In terms of timeline, the transition is already underway:

The planned transition process is already underway in its early stages, with Bungie and Activision both committed to making sure the handoff is as seamless as possible.

You can find the formal communication from Bungie here : Bungie leaves Activision

Our Take

This is wholly unexpected but not entirely unwelcome. Many across the industry feel as though companies like Activision and EA can be suffocating for creativity and development. No matter what you believe, it’s nice to know that Bungie will retain the rights to the IP they created and we’re excited to see what this means for the universe in the future.

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