Battlefield V : Official Launch Trailer and Extensive Patch Notes

Battlefield V is live for EA and Origin Access subscribers and will launch worldwide next week. And what would a worldwide launch be without a launch trailer nowadays.

Additionally, there has been a tremendous amount of work done on the game since the beta build over the summer. Thus, DICE has released the full patch notes which encompass 139 pages (yes you read that right). If you’re interested in going through the details, you can find them here : BFV Launch Patch Notes

Our Take

We’ve put some early time into Battlefield V and have enjoyed it thoroughly so far.  It seems to offer a unique mix of prior BF mechanics with an updated movement and kill system. We’re not sure how that will appeal to old-school BF fans, but time will tell. We’ll be playing a lot more in the coming weeks and will be sure to discuss our experience on our next Bitcast!


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