Divinity Original Sin 2 :Definitive Edition Gameplay Trailer

In just two weeks Divinity : Original 2 launches on console. Widely regarded as one of the greatest RPGs in the past few years, the console version (known as the Definitive Edition) includes a few new features built specifically for the platforms including:

  • A new controller layout
  • Improved tooltips, icons, and map markers
  • New tutorial
  • Story Mode difficulty
  • 4K/HDR support on both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Our Take

Having grown up with isometric RPGs, we’re loving the return to the style especially with how well these companies are delivering them. Divinity : Original Sin 2 stands out among the rest with likely the most acclaimed story and mechanics of the recent releases. We’ll certainly be jumping in in just a couple of weeks!

Author: Seasoned Gaming

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