Battlefield V : Deep Dive into Immersion, Squad Play, Fortifications, and More!


DICE has shared quite a few details on the new features of Battlefield including some of the changes to how squads will function, how fortifications work, how the game will be more immersive, the expanded destruction, and more.

They go into quite some detail so rather than copy and paste it all here, you can find the official DICE post here: Battlefield V Deep Dive

Our Take

The more we hear about Battlefield V, the more we like. We’re huge fans of Bad Company 2 and the associated destruction capabilities in that title and we hope BFV gets back to that model. Changes to squad play and player dynamics were much needed and fortifications sound like they could add a new wrinkle to gameplay. We’ll be reporting back on our time with BFV at EA Play next week so stay tuned!

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