Twitter Thread Confirms Sony is Still Blocking Console Crossplay for Fortnite

There have been a lot of requests for cross-platform play over the past several months. Microsoft led the way during last year’s E3 by announcing that Minecraft would be playable across the Xbox One, PC, Switch, and tablets/phones. However, it was later confirmed that Sony was not open to the idea for the PS4.

With Fortnite being the most popular game industry-wide right now, the cries for crossplay are becoming quite loud again. As we reported, Epic has confirmed PS4 and PC crossplay along with Xbox and PC crossplay in the near future. However, it once again begs the question as to why Xbox and PS4 players can’t play together.

We’ll via a thread on Twitter today between a fan (ddokkabae), Phil Spencer, and Fortnite (Epic Games official Fortnite account), it seems pretty clear that its Sony once again who is preventing it from happening.

Our Take

This is really a shame. We’ve discussed it at length and it really doesn’t benefit Sony in any way, shape, or form to continue to prevent this from happening. Despite Sony having the worldwide lead in console sales, Fortnite is widely played on all platforms and the data clearly shows that fans, on all platforms, want this. With so many companies wanting to do this for fans including Psyonix, Epic, and others, its a shame that Sony won’t do this strictly for gamers.

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