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2018, like 2017 before it, is going to be filled with an over-abundance of quality games. This means that some really good games will likely get overlooked. So while we’re all familiar with Red Dead Redemption 2, Sea of Thieves, God of War, and the inevitable new Call of Duty coming this year, there are many more titles that deserve our attention. Here are 10 games to keep your eye on as 2018 progresses. To be perfectly clear, these are in no particular order, they vary from small indie to AAA title, and are not necessarily “unknown”. Rather, they are merely 10 interesting games I feel our audience could enjoy.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few was a highlight of Microsoft’s 2015 E3 presentation with its dystopian vision and Bioshock vibes. You assume the role of citizens in Wellington Wells, a community that mandates use of a toxin named “joy” which negates all negative feelings. Of course, it’s only a matter of time until someone discovers what truth lurks below the surface.

Since its debut, the title has largely gone off the radar in the mainstream media. However, having been in Steam Early Access and the Xbox Game Preview program for the past 18 months, Compulsion Games has steadily developed the title. This even includes a complete re-design of the opening couple of hours of the campaign in which you will play as three distinct characters who each share their connection to Wellington Wells.

Compulsion Games are currently preparing for the official 1.0 release in April which will be published by Gearbox Games.

Official Site

Compulsion Games Site

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is being developed by Graybeard Games which was founded by Diablo creator David Brevik. The title is a 2D adventure game that on the surface looks similar to Terraria, but includes deeper RPG elements, randomized loot and enemies, procedurally generated levels, quests, and more. Given Brevik’s long history with ARPGs, it should contain a substantial amount of depth for those who enjoy loot hunting and number crunching in their games.

As of now, It Lurks Below is merely listed on Steam as “Coming Soon”. When it will officially release and whether or not it comes to consoles in the future is to be determined. However, given the small size of the team, even if it did it would likely be in the distant future. For now, you can find David’s streaming series of the title below.

Steam Page

The Last Night

Described as a “Cinematic Platformer”, The Last Night is being designed by Tim Soret and developed by Odd Tales. It debuted during Microsoft’s 2017 E3 press conference and caught the attention of many gamers for its unique and striking style. Interestingly enough, The Last Night was originally developed in merely 6 days as a Flash game which won the cyberpunkjam. You can play the demo via the Odd Tales official site below.

The Last Night currently has no release date other than “late 2018”. It is being published by Raw Fury for the Xbox One, Windows 10, and Mac. Here is the teaser trailer from last year.

Odd Tales Official Site (and flash demo)


Below has been in hiding for so long that many began to wonder if they game was still being developed. An adventure game first shown during Microsoft’s 2013 E3 press conference, it has been described as Dark Souls meets Zelda containing procedurally generated levels and permadeath mechanics. The soundtrack is being composed by Jim Guthrie, the Canadian song writer who wrote the soundtrack for “Indie Game: The Movie”.

Despite its hibernation, rest assured Capybara Games is still working on the title and we’ve heard it’s close to re-surfacing. Originally Microsoft was said to be publishing the title but we’ve heard recently that it may now be published by Capybara themselves.
There is currently no release date but it is expected to be released on the Xbox One and Steam. For now, you can find the latest trailer that was released nearly 2 years ago by CapyGames titled “Death’s Door” below.

Official Site

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Koji Igarashi, known for his experience with the Castlevania series including the beloved Symphony of the Night, used Kickstarter to launch development of his new “Igavania” style game. As you would expect, it is a side-scrolling RPG platformer with a focus on exploration and crafting.

Artplay and DICO are developing Bloodstained which will be published by 505 games for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Vita. Originally a Wii U version was planned but given the demise of that system and the success of the Switch, a Switch version will now be coming in the future instead.

Kickstarter Page

YouTube Channel with Dev Diaries

Octopath Traveler

Developed by Square-Enix and Acquire for the Switch, Octopath Traveler looks to bring 16-Bit style JRPGs into 2018. You will choose from one of eight characters, four male and four female, who each have a different class which are based on occupations in Medieval Europe. Masashi Takahashi and Tomoya Asano, who previously led the Bravely series of games, are heading up the game’s development.

A demo of the title was released for the Switch in September and since then Square-Enix and Acquire have been taking into account player feedback to make updates to the title. It is anticipated to release in late 2018 and is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Official Site

UFO 50

A team of Indie developers including Derek Yu, Jon Perry, Eirik Suhrke, Paul Hubans, and Ojiro Fumoto are creating UFO 50 which will be published by Mossmouth in 2018. It is a collection of 50 small games built in the vein of the 8-bit games from the 1980s with each containing a unique experience. Each of the games will have a single player component with about a third of the games will also have multiplayer capability according to Yu.

UFO 50 will initially release on PC later this year but will come to other platforms after that. For now, you can find the announcement trailer below.

Official Site

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 looks to return the WW2 shooter to the hardcore, competitive FPS scene. The focus for Bulkhead Interactive is to bring authenticity to the World War 2 setting, but with twitch style shooting mechanics that highlight speed and skill.

Originally funded on Kickstarter in early 2016 (before COD WW2 was officially announced), it has just entered Early Access on Steam as of February 1st. Early play tests have been widely regarded as positive and the title will be steadily evolved throughout 2018. It will also eventually be published by Square Enix for the Xbox One and PS4.

Official Site and Development Roadmap


Vampyr is an upcoming action RPG set in Victorian London where you assume the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a newly turned Vampyr, you face the challenge of searching for a cure while simultaneously needing to quench your thirst for blood.

Developed by DontNod Entertainment, this ambitious title looks to blur the line of morality to force the player to make tough decisions while exploring a dark and dangerous London being ravaged by Spanish Flu. Focus Home Interactive will publish the title which arrives on June 5th for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Official Site

DontNod Entertainment Development Web Series

Hunt : Showdown

Crytek makes their return with Hunt : Showdown. What originally began as a spiritual successor to Darksiders in 2014, Hunt has now been completely re-imagined into a co-operative shooter where you team up to collect bounties by killing threatening monsters. However, while you are attempting to kill monsters and collect bounties, other teams of two are attempting to do the same thing. The combining of PVP and PVE mechanics into a singular experience is what makes the concept of Hunt exciting.

A closed alpha of the title began on January 31st with early impressions being quite positive. With the success of Monster Hunter World, it will be interesting to see if Hunt can capitalize on the co-op, monster hunting experience in its own way.

Official Site

Development Roadmap


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