343 Industries Provides Details on the Future of Master Chief Collection


Late in 2017, 343 Industries finally announced something Halo fans had been waiting to hear for over 2 years : the Master Chief Collection was finally going to be truly fixed. I won’t rehash all of the problems with the Master Chief Collection at launch and beyond. Rather, like most Halo fans, I was simply overjoyed to hear this directly from studio head Bonnie Ross.

Well we finally have some information on what’s happening within 343 and it’s definitely exciting. In short, the majority of the studio is heads down working on what is presumably Halo 6 while a smaller but “experienced” team has been 100% dedicated to supporting legacy Halo titles, the first of which will be Master Chief Collection. According to the blog post, we can expect the following in due time:

As awesome as our legacy strike force team is, the MCC update is a big ambitious project – there’s a lot of work to be done addressing bugs, updating old systems, adding visual enhancements, improving playlists, and even potentially working in some bona fide new features.

It’s a long post by Community Manager Ske7ch which is absolutely worth reading. You can find it here: 343i Update on the Studio and MCC

Our Take

With Halo being my favorite franchise and knowing the potential of Master Chief Collection, this is absolutely the news I’ve been waiting to hear for over two years now. It sounds like they are on the right track and to think we could get a properly updated Master Chief Collection and Halo 6 over the next 12-24 months has me ecstatic.


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